How essential oils will improve your health and attitude

Essential oils can help the way you look and feel...

With every new company profiting from the idea of more natural alternatives it can be confusing and hard to discern the truly healthy products from the more gimmicky and the ones that are just plain quacks. Nowadays, every shampoo and coniditioner claims to have some sort of new found amazing added ingredient that makes it superior but really they almost always come back to something that can easily

and cheaply be replaced by just one of bottle of our essential oils.

How essential oils work

Essential oils work because they are derivitive of completely natural ingredients that when in combined in a specific way and appplied properly, can target even the most stubborn conditions without being detrimental to your health without harmful sife effects. Although many all natural medicines and homeopathic methods of healing are still considered newer or alternative in the USA, millions of people all over the world have relied on traditional eastern medicine which implements the use of oils, plants and herbs rather than dangerous chemical compounds for thousands of years with incredible success. Asian countries are recognizded as having healthier lifestyles many times due to the fact that the majority of what they consume and ingest is all natural. 

What goes into our essential oil blends?

Have you ever smelled fresh raw cinnamon? What about the comfort in the scent in warm lavender in your bath or hot tub? Or the cooling and stimulating feel of tea tree on your skin? Each plant used as an ingredient in our essential oils has it's own unique set of properties as well as uses. The essential oil blends we sell have isolated and combined specific herbs and plants based on the use. Tea tree is excellent for dandruff and hair loss because the oil opens the hair follicles and stimulates them. Lavender or eucaplyptus is excellent for calming, relaxing and unwinding before sleep. Once we know your specific need we blend the concentrated (stonger undiluted oil) to the amount needed for your specific use. That's why each order needs a free consultation. Essential oils are powerful and if misused or combined in the wrong way can cause temporary discomfort.

Essential oils is not just physical healing, it's mental.

Believe it or not the quickest way to trigger any emotion or physical memory or through scent. Our sense of smell and taste are by far the strongest and most triggering of our human senses. The brain's emotion and memory center, called the limbic system is stimulated with the unique and refreshing scents of essential oils. Heating essential oils will create a soothing aroma that will help you calm down and focus. After school in the afternoon when the kids are coming home can be an excellent time to diffuse essential oils. Or try oils for a massage or bath or inhalation. If you make essential oils part of your daily routine you will feel better and see improvement to the way you feel and think.

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