Essential Oil Remedies Package For Prostate Health


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Prostate problems can be very problematic. Medications usually have side effects, are extremely expensive and don't get to the root of the problem. So it's wise an natural to seek solutions and healing from natural plants essential oils. 

Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants. They are in a form that can be absorbed directly in the scan and go directly to work through the bloodstream and he'll the different systems of your body. They work because they don't have to be processed or digested. Essential oils from plants are highly concentrated so it's like getting tons of nutrients and  phytochemicals, antioxidants and natural hormones immediately.

Recommended oils to help with prostate problems include myrrh, oregano, thyme, sage and wintergreen. Most of these are herbs but you cannot possibly consume the amount of herbs to get the same benefits as you would get from oils. You would be eating a mansion full of herbs to get the same benefits. Plus then you would have digestive problems from eating so much fiber and plants. That's why oils are so effective.

Many men who have essential oils have reported the positive effects they have had on their prostate health.  The top essential oils for prostate health include rosemary,

Frankincense  ($32 seperately)

You can use this topically on the reflex points of the feet or body, and aromatically in any manner. But also consider adding 1 drop to unsweetened beverage and consuming throughout the day

Rosemary Essential Oil ($17 separately)

Rosemary oil reduces DHT (dihyroxytestosterone) which improves prostate health, frankincense reduces inflammation and myrrh has anti-pathogenic properties.

Myrrh ($10 separately)

Peppermint Oil ($17 separately)

Peppermint oil acts as an anti-Inflammatory to the prostate. Also Saw Palmetto and pumpkinseed oil help reduce prostate swelling. These are natural remedies and so they prices are extremely low and the results are extremely effective. There is little or no side effects. (These are by no way to replace the advice of a medical practitioner. Please seek your doctor's advice.)

Coconut Essential Oil ($10 separately)

Coconut essential oil is antibacterial and is perfect on it's own or for diluting and massaging with other essential oils.

Saw Palmetto ($15 seperately)
Helps improve symptoms of prostate enlargement.  Start off with 320mg 3x daily for 4 months then drop down to 320mg 1x daily.

Protecting and improving the health of your prostate doesn't have to be expensive, loaded with side effects or something you have to deal with all the time. Just because you age does not mean you have to suffer.


Regular Price $120 before shipping cost
Outside of continental USA & Internationally not included in free shipping

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