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What are Essential Oils? Essential Oils, Nature's Medicine Since the Beginning of Time
Nature has provided us with plants to be used as food and medicine and all around the world humans have been using them as so. Essential oils are the blood of plants. They are what makes plants grow and grow back again. Ever noticed how some plants and weeds are close to impossible to kill and how about desert plants that will "come back to life" after waiting for months for it to rain. One rain and the plants come into full bloom. Essential oils helps plants to heal. 

The precious lifeblood of these plants can do the same for you. Many germs, bacteria and viruses can't outdo these essential oils because they are made of so many good things (phytochemicals, antioxidants, etc.) and they vary every time. The soil they grow in, the climate, weather, location and many other factors insure that these natural wonders cannot be duplicated and defeated by germs. Therefore, unlike hand sanitizers, prescription and over-the-counter medicines and chemical laden bleach and disinfectants, viruses can't become super viruses and duplicate the healing properties of these oils. God and nature has made a way for plants to win over the battle of diseases. 

How do essential oils work? Essential oils don't have to be processed in order to begin their healthful work immediately. They can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and be delivered to all systems of the body. This is similar to juicing raw foods but in a much, much more powerful and effective way. (PLEASE REFER TO AND LINK TO THE PAGE/BLOG THAT IS ATTACHED. YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE IT AT THE SITE BUT I WILL GO AHEAD AND SEND IT AGAIN JUST IN CASE.)