Lena Hunt Co. makes local essential oil deliveries for healing rain or shine!

We deliver rain or shine!

Yesterday while I was in the middle of blending tons of essential oils for local surgical clinics, I get a text message from a client stating that she could not stop vomiting and thinks she has the flu. Stopping what I was doing, I immediately prepared a tea made with peppermint oil (helpful in stopping vomiting), unpasteurized Smoky Mountains honey (you can use any kind of unpasteurized honey), and boiled water. Then I blended a stronger Germ Killer essential oils and put two bottles of sparkling mineral water in a paper bag. 

Still wearing the long pink robe that I had on all day, I donned boots lined with fur because they were nearby and it was raining in Florida. With a bandanna in my hair I didn't look quite like the professional but more like the community witch doctor. 

Not knowing which house was hers, I knocked on the door and a teenage boy looked at me like I was some kind of homeless stranger begging for who knows what. Knowing that his mother cannot come down the stairs because she was sick I told him "These items are for your mom. They will make her feel better. Oh and be sure not to drop the jar of tea that I made because it is hot."

Still shocked at my appearance and who I was, the boy just nodded his head and said okay with a big question mark. 

I sat in my car waiting to make sure it was the right house after I sent my client a text. I waited and waited hoping that it was the right house and finally I received this from her: